Alpha High Performance

Nutritionally formulate to support speed, endurance and strength in your racing and working dogs.

Despite how well your dogs are bred and trained, they cannot give the very best results if their diet does not provide their bodies with the nutrients they require both during and after each race. Alpha High Performance is the ultimate in performance dog feed, nutritionally formulated to give excellent body development, optimum muscle and bone advancement and boundless energy in order to exceed the rigours of racing. Our nutritionists have designed Alpha High Performance to meet the requirements of dogs in training, brood bitches and pups.

32% Protein


Highest quality chicken and beef protein

Easy soak formula to enhance digestion


Nutritionally formulated for high performance dogs

Hypo-Allergenic & Wheat Gluten Free


No Added Artificial Colours or Flavours

Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete


Highly palatable kibble

15kg product package

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