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Alpha dog foods

It's a dog's life and Alpha has specialist feeds to suit every breed, age and type. From pet puppies to seasoned working dogs, your best friend will thank you for choosing Alpha quality foods. All available in a variety of sizes.


Product Name % Description
Pack Size
Alpha High Performance 32.00% Nutritionally formulate to support speed, endurance and strength in your racing and working dogs.
Alpha Sporting Puppy 29.00% A complete food ideal for puppies of sporting, racing and working breeds.
Alpha Racer 28.00% A complete high protein food ideal for greyhounds and all high performance dogs.
Alpha Sensitive Extra 25.00% Nutritionally formulated as a complete and balanced food to meet the needs of adult dogs with a sensitive digestive system
Alpha Junior and Active Field Nuggets 25.00% A complete food ideal for all breeds of working & junior dogs
Alpha Adult Maintenance Sporting Dog 22.00% A complete adult maintenance food with Chicken & Rice, ideal for all breeds of working dogs
Alpha Original Extra Premium Muesli 22.00% A complete muesli food with extra meat ideal for all breeds of working dog.
Alpha Sensitive 20.00% A complete 'Wheat Gluten Free' food ideal for all breeds of working dog.
Alpha Gold Moist Muesli 20.00% A complete feed ideal for all breeds of working dogs.
Alpha Worker Maintenance 20.00% The lowest energy crunchy nugget in the range aimed at working breeds at rest / play or home along with seniors.
Alpha Wholemeal Mixer 16.00% Alpha Wholemeal Mixer is a chicken fat coated whole mixer biscuit, suitable for adding to fresh meat or other complete food in order to 'bulk out' the feed